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Club Endurance Team Championship

Endurance GB have developed a Club Membership category which is open to all formal equestrian organisations – whether TREC Club, Pony Club, BRC, RoR or others.

Joining as a Club member is free and allows entry to rides up to 40km as an individual or part of an Endurance Team.

Teams can be of 3 to 6 riders and Red Kite TREC Group can have as many teams as we like – so everyone can join in.


We can then enter our teams into any number of qualifying rides of 30km to 40km (about 25 miles), which can be chosen from over seventy EGB events throughout the country.


Riders must be current members of Red Kite TREC Group and a member of EGB (either Club, Associate or Full).


Our Endurance Team Manager, Danielle Glaister, is in charge of the co-ordination of the RKTG Endurance Teams and must declare each horse and rider combination before they can enter any qualifying ride. Team scores are calculated from the speed achieved over the course and the horse’s pulse at the final veterinary inspection. 

All team scores from successful qualifying rides are entered into a Regional League Table and Regional winners are invited to the Endurance Team Finals which for the last two years has been held at the Red Dragon Festival of Endurance at Builth Wells in October.

The rules of the competition and full details of the Team Endurance Event can be found on Endurance GB website.


The Endurance rides that RKTG is considering sending teams to are posted on the Events page.

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