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Video Arena PTV Competition

11 January 2021 at 00:00:00




Lockdown TREC


Christine Paine


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About the event

This is a new venture for Red Kite TREC Group members and will hopefully be a bit of fun to while away some hours during lockdown.

The arena test is a set course, which includes obstacles, and instructions on how the course is ridden and at which pace.

How will it work?

On receipt of your entry, you will be sent a copy of the ‘rules’, a course plan, the course building instructions and a ‘test with instructions’

Your fee of £6 will include a class entry to one of the classes (but you can add extras if you wish):

1. Individual (if there are enough entries, this will be split into Novice and Open)

2. Pairs (two riders at the same time riding a ‘mirror image’)

3. In Hand

4. Course design. Using the obstacle plan provided, design an alternative test

Please video your test from A and save your video. YouTube links are best. But your video needs to be of good quality, as YouTube often reduces the quality.

Download document below for entry details.

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