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Lincomb TREC Training Camp (Holiday)

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

This felt as if it was the longest planning period ever for an event! First arranged for April 2020, Covid-19 caused our Camp to be postponed – so optimistically, I provisionally booked a date at the end of September hoping that Covid-19 would have diminished….

Julie and I realised we worked well together when the Level 1 Championships were held at Lincomb and we had the embryo of the idea then. A few years later and all the planning was going well; all the places were filled – some with new people, some with the original ones, but there was a constant change. And then in the last two weeks, Covid cases started rising and two days before the date of our camp, two people had to withdraw when Swansea had new restrictions imposed. So close, but it was not too be.

All plans ready, groups organised, papers copied I set off for Lincomb in bright sunshine on the Monday morning. Half the people had arranged to arrive the night before to allow a relaxed start. I was greatly relieved when everyone safely arrived by Tuesday lunch time.

In my timetable, I had written ‘tea break’ – but was amazed to find not only drinks, but four options of home-made cake and scones with clotted cream and jam. Dave and Julie excelled themselves with an amazing feast for all of us!

We had a mixture of abilities and had time for TREC training on the Lincomb XC course, Arena obstacles, how to judge obstacles, practising speeds and paces, map drawing, an optional pole clinic, and free time to ride out (or just chill). But most of all it was a chance to meet up (at a sensible distance) with friends I haven’t seen for over a year – and meet people new to the TREC world. And what a lot of fun it was!

We had a very entertaining quiz on Wednesday evening – with all people bringing 5 questions to add to a very eclectic mix. Many questions later and following a tie breaker consisting of 17 breeds of native pony and a giant vegetable, an honourable draw was agreed.

The final day brought a team challenge with a ‘Score TREC’ type ride (in glorious sunshine) with riders taking part in pairs – or anything up to four riders together plus a mini Arena competition, with everyone taking part in a round.

Late September is always a gamble with the weather, but we had two beautiful, warm days and one that was ok for half the day and damp for the second half. But in any case, much better than the weather that Storm Alex brought a few days later!

There are so many people to thank who helped before and during the event, provided food, lead teams, helped with paperwork and so many other little things, and I appreciate it all.

In a year where not much has gone according to plan and many changes have been made to the way we conduct our lives, this felt like a little ray of (socially distanced) sunshine in a very changed world. And a highlight of my year. Hopefully everyone who came thinks the same, so we may try something similar another time…..

p.s I was too busy to take photographs, so hopefully other who were there will let us have some.


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