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Red Kite TREC Group Awards 2018

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Dinner, awards, AGM evening Followed by 'Italy', Photos and talk by Kate Gillam on her experience of competing in the GB team at the TREC European Championships in September 2018

Summer Series 2018

Position          Name            Points

1                    Kate Gillam        39

2                    Bridget Stein      39                    

3                    Carol Ball          34                    

4                    Cathy Hoyt        32                   

5                    Gill Boulding      32

6                    Jane McGregor    31         

7                    Jo-Anne Watts    30

8                    Cath Cromarty    30

9                    Dani Glaister      28

10                  Donna Sharp      22

A special award goes to Molly Whyatt Wattsfor organising and supporting at many competitions throughout the year. Molly was unable to ride due to injury, but continued to give so much support, including acting as Chef d'Equip for the very successful Welsh Team at the GB championships.

Winter Series 2017/18

Open Intermediate Newcomers Pairs

Cathy               Cathy              Chris              Tamsin / Jo-Anne

Mary B             Gill                  Rosemary      Cathy / Gill

Dani                 Mandy             Anne            Chris / Daisy


1,000km  Jacqui                     

750km     -

500km     Jane A, Cath C

250km     Mary B, Jane M

150km     Cathy, Tamsin, Carol, Mandy

100km     Carol, Gill, Donna

50km       Donna

Rosemary’s Trophy for best performance by an Arab / Part Bred Arab in TREC competitions:

Chris Paine – Merri. For performance in 5 summer TRECS, 4th L3 pairs Park Farm, 4th Level 2a individual Stowell, 1st L3 pairs at Welsh Championships, Llanthony, 5th L2a individual Keysoe and 1st  L3 pairs GB Champs 2018. Also 1st in Winter Series, Novice Combination and 3rd Pairs.

Awards from GB Championships 2018: Level 3 individual: Bridget Stein            1st

Level 3 pairs Chris and Jane          1st

Level 2a pairs Cath and Cressy        5th

Level 2a individual Mary Bray                2nd Jacqui Kedward       6th

Level 2 pairs Cathy and Gill          4th Tamsin and Jo-Anne 7th

Level 2 individual Dani                         9th Donna                      10th Carol                        15th

Team event – 1st (Jane, Chris, Bridget, Kate)

Nations cup – Wales / England

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