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Results Hafod - 20 Oct 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Results Hafod Farm 181020
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Red Kite TREC Group Arena TREC at Hafod 18th October 2020

With big thanks to Jeff and Jacqui Kedward

There was no rain, no wind, no snow and the sun shone! The weather was exceptionally kind as we prepared the Arena TREC course for our competition at Hafod last Sunday. The highlight of the course building were the five new obstacles included in the courses and of course the hedge! Although the magnificently constructed hedge caused concern amongst the riders – the horses loved it and it rode exceptionally well.

And even better, the weather on Sunday was fine too – allowing everyone who came to judge, help and compete to enjoy a great day out! The competition was strong, but the key comment which we heard many times, was how lovely it was to be out and about, meeting up with people we hadn’t seen for many months – especially with a whole Wales lockdown expected in the coming days.

One of the big challenges was to jump the hedge, land in the correct position to enter the corridor and then change pace from canter to walk in time to tackle the ridden S Bend – without destroying any of the obstacles - some managed this better than others.

We saw brilliant rounds from Kate Gillam and Lily to take both the Open and Open Intermediate classes and again very strong rounds from Anne Cowell and Eric in the Newcomer and Novice Horses classes. Local rider Linda Harries and Petie topped the Intermediate class.

Cath Cromarty and her new horse Ellie came first in the In Hand class and Jacqui Kedward and Minty carried off the Top Score class with an impressive 138 – hard work for competitors and judges alike. It takes quick thinking and good course analysis to triumph here!

This was the first time at one or our Arena Competitions for Laura Barnes, Dave Cromarty, Mary Craney and Angharad Harries – and hopefully they will be back for more.

Laura’s pony Pandora was a complete speed merchant, Mary’s horse Murphy gave an impressive exhibition of barrel racing and Dave’s horse Ellie simply bucked with joy!

The day’s full results are on our website and on Facebook

We will arrange another competition when we can, and we will have another grand day out.

Top: Dave Cromarty

Middle: Joanna Lowes, Cath Cromarty

Bottom: Caroline Jones (new TREC GB Admin)

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Άγνωστο μέλος
27 Οκτ 2020

I think everyone had a fun day!

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