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Success at the TREC GB Awards Evening!

Red Kite TREC Group has had a great evening at the TREC GB awards night – and a fabulous party was had by all. An added bonus was that it was Cath Cromarty’s birthday, so she celebrated in style!

Now for the results:

Summer League:

Level 1 individual – 5th Mary Bray

Level 2 pairs – Champions Donna Sharp and Mandy Aldridge

Level 2 individual – 9th Jane Anscombe, 4th Lesley Lewis

Level 2A pairs – Reserve Champions – Chris Paine and Jane Anscombe

Level 2A individuals – 8th Cathy Hoyt, 6th Helen Wain

Level 3 pairs – Reserve Champions – Cath Cromarty and Cressy Murphy, 3rd Jane Anscombe and Vanessa Warren

Level 3 individual – 3rd Mary Bray

Level 4 individual – 5th Kate Gillam, 8th Mary Bray

First prizes were engraved black glass photo frames complete with commemorative photo, second prizes were engraved gin glasses and third were engraved highball glasses.

In the Special awards, Kate Gillam’s photo of the corralling at the National Championships was runner up. What a beautiful photo!

The Unsung Hero and TREC GB Chair’s awards were proudly presented to Cath Cromarty for all her dedication and hard work. Well deserved.

Red Kite TREC Group horses Blackie (Dani Glaister), Lily Langtree (Kate Gillam) and Jake (Polly Lloyd Owen) were all recognised for their lifetime achievements and entered the TREC GB Hall of Fame.

The TREC GB Quest awards were made to: Helen Wain and Mary Bray (2 cards) and full completion was achieved by Cath Cromarty, Chris Paine, Dave Cromarty, Erica Thomas and Julia Hewerdine.

Over 200 people tried out the TREC Quest and it was enormous fun over the summer.

There will be another Quest this year. Don’t miss out!

Last but not least, Red Kite TREC Group horses brought home their Hoofbeat awards:

White (120km) Blackie, Ellie and Bertie

Bronze (250km) Blackie and Bertie

Silver (500km) Blackie and Cutter.

Well done ponies! And thanks to the people who completed the forms on their behalf!

Time flew and before we knew it, it was past midnight and time for bed……to sweet dreams of the summer to come.

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