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TREC GB Qualifying Competition - Tankey Lake TREC

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

27th to 29th July 2018

Levels 2, 2A, 3 and 4 Trec GB Affiliated Qualifying Competition

27 to 29 July 2018 - Tankey Lake TREC

Levels 2, 2A, 3 and 4 TREC GB Affiliated Qualifying Competition

Ironically after what has been a heatwave summer in Wales, we had a wild, wet and windy weekend in Gower for the Tankey Lake TREC.  The ride out followed the beautiful bridleway that runs from Rhossili bay with stunning views over the bay.  Well done to all the riders who braved wind and rain for the ride.

The PTV had some great challenges including the new Ticket Punch Obstacle, all laid out by the fabulous Tankey Lake team.  So many volunteers gave their time to support the event, a bit thank you to them all as some were out in extreme weather for a considerable amout of time.


Level 4 - 1st Kate Gillam

Level 3 Individual - 1st Hilary Barnard

Level 3 Pairs - 1st Helen Martin and Bev Abbott

Level 2A Individual - 1st Julie Brand

Level 2A Pairs - 1st Mary Weston and Anna Lea

Level 2 Individual - 1st Graham Clack

Level 2Pairs - 1st Carol Ball and Heidi Hooton

A big thank you to Steve Wall our official phtographer for this great group shot. 

19th and 20th May 2018 - Chris's 60th Birthday TREC at Cotts Farm, Martletwy

Levels 1, 2 and 2A  TREC GB Affiliated Qualifying Competition

What a way to celebrate your birthday, and the sun shone too!  Happy 60th Chris!

This was a wonderful competition with some very trickly little bits of orienteering challenging riders with ariel photos.  The ride went through the bridleways and tracks in Pembrokeshire and even down to the Quay. 

The PTV was specially built and had some wonderfully inventive use of natural obstacles.  Trees that made bending poles, a lovely log jump and a testing tyre step up all made for a fabulous course.


Level 1 Pairs - 1st Amanda Aldridge and Ellie Nichols

Level 2 Individual - 1st Donna Sharp

Level 2 Pairs - 1st Jo-Anne Watts and Tamsin Raymond

Level 2A Individual - 1st Dorothy Harris

Level 2A Pairs - 1st Cath Cromarty and Cressy Murphy

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